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VSANA – Viewing Stone Association of North America shared the image of this Chinese Long River pattern stone for composing poetry.

My debut in December with these two haiku, so very grateful to Thomas Elias.

grief overflow…
she holds closely
her loneliness

solitary stone
the striations deepen
my solitude

Songbirds Anthology

Delighted to be in the Songbirds Anthology 2022 of the United Haiku & Tanka Society with a tanka & a haiku.

Grateful to dear an’ya for featuring my verses in the beautiful collection. Congratulations to all featured poets.

Songbirds Online
The United Haiku and Tanka Society 2022 Anthology

brass bell

brass bell: a haiku journal, December issue is out today. The theme was night haiku- from sunset to sunrise.

I am grateful to dear Zee Zahava, Curator for the acceptance of my ku.

Congratulations to all featured poets in the beautiful collection.

Contemporary Haibun Online (Cho)

Delighted to have my haibun featured in the lovely Contemporary Haibun Online journal (cho), issue 18.3.

So very grateful to dear Terri Hale French, Haibun Editor for her guidance & acceptance. Thanks to Rich Youmans, Editor for the publication.


During the pandemic, we are confined to our homes for many days due to lockdown restrictions. The streets are deserted, with little traffic. I go to the terrace to watch squirrels that nest at the top of the evergreen tree in the garden and to converse with the koel, bulbuls and pigeons that visit. Watching the sunrise and sunset colouring the sky and the leisurely movement of clouds to a soundtrack of birdsong becomes a joyful ritual.

One day around sunset, a fawn wanders onto the street from the neighbouring forest. Maybe the silence of the usually noisy city leads him to venture here. I am reminded of the Disney world of Bambi and rush down the staircase to view the scene more closely and also to see that he is protected from stray dogs. By the time I get to the street, the fawn has disappeared. Where could he have vanished? Was it a mirage caused by the deepening dusk?

Disappointed, I come back inside and what do I see? The lovely Bambi and my dog, Rumi, sitting in the garden, gently licking each other like old friends.

first drops. . .
animals of the forest
safe in Noah’s Ark

THF Haiku Dialogue

This week the Haiku Foundation’s Haiku Dialogue is about the Art of Pilgrimage—completion.

Grateful to Peter H Fischer for featuring my haiku about my wondrous trek 3000 metres above the Paro valley to the Buddhist Monastery Tiger’s Nest, in Bhutan.

monastery trek
a ladder to heaven
now back home

Guftagu@Amolak blog

What a beautiful surprise!
Grateful to dear Gen Surjit Singh Ji for sharing my #haiku on his popular #blog and reviewing my book “One Breath Poetry”.

THF Haiku Dialogue

Delighted to be in The Haiku Foundation’s Haiku Dialogue this Wednesday again on “purpose”.

Grateful to Peter Fischer, Guest Editor for the selection & congratulations to all featured poets.

morning tea I sip a cuckoo’s trill